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We provide comprehensive, caring, and convenient DOT physicals.

During the DOT physical, the driver will be expected to answer questions regarding their medical history and will be asked to perform tests that measure sight, hearing, and overall health. Blood pressure and pulse rate will also be taken. You can be assured that we will make the DOT physical exam process as quick and comfortable as possible.

A urine test will also be performed during the DOT physical. This test measures protein, blood, and sugar in the urine and does not test for illegal drugs. If an employer or driver needs drug testing services, we can provide those services in addition to the standard DOT physical

GET YOUR DOT physical in 3 steps

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Step 1

        us now to schedule an appointment today. Appointments are preferred, but                 are accepted.

Step 2

During your DOT physical, a detailed medical history, physical exam, and urine test will be performed. All information will be collected electronically.

Step 3

Receive your results.

Your results are electronically reported to the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME) and certified drivers will be provided with their medical certificate.  

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