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Industry Health

What we are about

Providing occupational health testing services to people employed in commercial and industrial occupations

Industry Health began from a desire to improve the quality of occupational health services offered to people employed in industrial and commercial occupations. Our facility promotes the well-being and safety of those employed in various industries. And, every day we work to enrich the lives of our clients and leverage our health services to increase the safety, productivity, and efficiency of our roadways and workplaces.


For many, obtaining occupational health services can be difficulty and some quickly discover that occupational health services are not given priority at other healthcare facilities. However, at Industry Health, our top priority is helping employees and their employers meet the health and safety requirements of their respective industries. 

Our Healthcare Team

Ashia Rallings
Dr. Ashia Rallings
Daniel Riase
Dr. Daniel Riase

Our healthcare team is proudly made up of doctors of chiropractic (DCs). DCs utilize a conservative, whole-body approach to neuromusculoskeletal health, ergonomics, and overall well-being. Furthermore, our chiropractors have completed additional training to become certified medical examiners and have completed additional certifications drug and alcohol testing, peer review, and pulmonary function testing (spirometry).

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